Terms of Service

Welcome to turbotask.me

In this page we have described the terms of the service. By creating account at this web site, you accept the following terms:

1. The team of turbotask.me has the right to change and develop the service. You may be notified of changes about the service, when this is possible.

2. You can stop using the service at any time. When we delete your account, you will not be able to restore it again. turbotask.me does not store any data of deleted accounts.

3. When you register at turbotask.me, you agree to voluntarily give us your valid e-mail address, so that you can use the service.

4. All data that you store at our site, like e-mail address, name and your tasks, will NEVER be given away to other people or organizations under any conditions, except in cases REQUIRED BY THE LAW.

5. You agree, that you are not going to try breaking or damaging the service (and the servers and networks connected with the service).

6. When you use our service, you are responsible for your actions and the content that you are storing with us. It is Your responsibility to take care for your password and your security. Actions that are taken on behalf of your user, are yours responsibility.

7. You agree, that you give us the right to store your data.

8. turbotask.me DOES NOT guarantee:

(A) that the service will suit your needs

(B) that the service will be fast, uninterrupted, secure and without errors

(C) that errors and functionallities will be fixed

9. turbotask.me has the right to disable your account, if we notice misuse of the service. That means, your attempts to damage, slow down, hack or steal data can lead to removal of your account.

10. turbotask.me has the right to stop the service without giving reasons for that. Because this is a free service, we may not be able to continue the service at some time because of technical or financial difficulties. In case this happen, you will be notified with message at the site or e-mail, and there may be provided a way for you to save your data.

11. turbotask.me does not claim any ownership of your data. What is yours, is yours.

12. We hope that you will like the service and that it may be helpful to you, however we cannot promise you that it will do miracles for you, or it will always be reliable and available.