Here is a short description of the things you can do with turbotask.me

1. Enter new tasks

You can create new tasks with the input box at the top of the main page. After you type in the text of the task, you can hit ENTER to save the task.

2. Edit task

To edit a task, you need to click on its text. In the dialog box you can edit the text, add labels and due date to the task.

3. Labels

Tasks may be organized with Labels. To create a new label, or to connect a task with already existing labels, you should click on the task (after you have created it) to edit it. In the dialog box for edit, there is a text box for Labels. In that field you can enter already existing labels or simply type in a new label.

Note: after you enter a new label, it is created internally in the application, but in order to visualise it at the top right corner, the page should be reloaded.

To remove the connection between a task and a label, you should delete the label from the task's labels (edit task). Labels are removed automatically when there are no tasks connected with them.

4. Priority

You can set priority to tasks with the small button at the most right of each task's row. The task will be colored according to the priority.

5. Finish a task

To mark a task as completed, you can click on the checkbox before the task's text.

6. Delete task

Tasks can be deleted from the small button at the most right of each task's row.

7. Time Zone

The tasks you enter are stored in standard GMT/UTC time, so they can be displayed properly in different time zones. If you have problems with the date/time displaying of your tasks, select your time zone from settings. If you still have problems, please write us, so we can check if there is some kind of error in the application.

8. Settings

From the settings link at the header of the site, you can change your e-mail, time zone, name and other personal data.